November 15, 2018, 6:51pm
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CNN Top Stories

  • ">A machine review widened the gap between Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and GOP Governor Rick Scott -- but not enough
  • ">Analysis: The dirty little secret of the Florida recounts
  • ">Like him or not, Trump is why America voted
  • ">A House seat goes to Democrats in a first-of-its-kind voting process in Maine
  • ">Harry Enten: We're seeing a huge blue wave
  • ">Analysis: Bill Nelson needs a miracle in Florida. It likely won't come.
  • ">Why is Trump talking about cereal and voter ID?
  • ">Judge postpones decision in CNN lawsuit over Jim Acosta's press pass
  • ">Analysis: The 36 outrageous lines in Trump's interview with the Daily Caller
  • ">WaPo: Trump Jr.'s India business trip cost the US government nearly $100K
  • ">Bernie Sanders unveils Stop Walmart Act
  • ">Trump criticizes Mueller probe in tweets
  • ">State Department spokesman claims 'fake news' is a real problem
  • ">Opinion: Melania Trump beats Donald at his own game
  • ">Couple, homeless man accused of setting up GoFundMe based on a lie

    CNN World

  • ">Theresa May hit by bombshell resignations over Brexit deal
  • ">Saudi prosecutor seeks death penalty for Khashoggi murder
  • ">Scientists confirm massive impact crater beneath Greenland's ice
  • ">Even after separation, Bhutanese conjoined twins want to be close
  • ">'If we go they will kill us': Rohingya refugees fear repatriation

    CNN Most Recent

  • ">Hyde-Smith appears to joke that making it harder for students to vote is a 'great idea'
  • ">Pence drops key US demand for Trump-Kim summit
  • ">'Death knell' of press freedom in Hong Kong has been a long time coming
  • ">Make this your most fashion-forward holiday season with The Outnet's massive sale on designer clothes
  • ">Just how bad was the 2018 election for House Republicans?

    CNN Most Popular
    1. Report: MH370 disappearance a criminal investigation, police chief says
    2. Ebola toll rises in 'unprecedented' outbreak
    3. Republicans hit a nerve when it comes to Obamacare
    4. Ukraine crisis: NATO suspends cooperation with Moscow
    5. Will Caesars impress with Las Vegas High Roller?
    6. 'How I Met Your Mother' ends a legendary run
    7. Unmanned drone crashes on South Korean border island
    8. Obamacare hits enrollment goal with 7.1 million sign-ups, President says
    9. Washington landslide death toll rises to 24; number of missing stands at 22
    10. Begala: I got a better deal through Obamacare

    CNN Health

  • ">High school e-cigarette use has jumped nearly 80%. Now, the FDA wants new regulations
  • ">After separation, Bhutanese conjoined twins want to be close
  • ">Her kidney donation now could save her granddaughter's life later
  • ">Parents accuse CDC of not reporting children's deaths from polio-like AFM
  • ">As more cases confirmed, CDC says evidence suggests 'viral association' for AFM

    CNN Science

  • ">Mars Science Lab launch delayed two years
  • ">Shuttle lands at California air base
  • ">iReporters watch planets, moon align
  • ">Inspiration for 'Contact' still listening
  • ">Indian lunar orbiter hit by heat rise

    CNN Entertainment

  • ">'Fantastic Beasts' plunges deeper into pre-Harry Potter world
  • ">People can't stop listening to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
  • ">'Narcos: Mexico' adds star power as drug war changes venues
  • ">Kim Porter, actress and model, dies at 47
  • ">Jessie J tells crowd she is unable to have children

    CNN Most Bizarre

  • ">Gamers prove their metal as rock stars
  • ">Comedian is living in an Ikea store
  • ">Texas town hopes to become UFO landing spot
  • ">Governor's son sells 'Don't Drop the Soap'
  • ">Cops snag lotto ticket from accused drug dealer

    CNN Video

  • ">Evening news briefing from CNN
  • ">Teigen, Legend cry 'sappy' tears at award show
  • ">Cooper clowns Trump over election fraud claims
  • ">GOP and Dems sow doubts in voting process
  • ">Trump attacks Mueller probe in early-morning tweet