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Hum Pathol., Jun 13 2011
t(4;22)(q12;q11.2) involving presumptive platelet-derived growth factor receptor A and break cluster region in a patient with mixed phenotype acute leukemia.
Hum Pathol., Jun 10 2011
Distinctive patterns of p53 protein expression and microsatellite instability in human colorectal cancer.
Hum Pathol., Jun 9 2011
Intratumoral budding as a potential parameter of tumor progression in mismatch repair-proficient and mismatch repair-deficient colorectal cancer patients.
Systematic analysis of proteins from different signaling pathways in the tumor center and the invasive front of colorectal cancer.
Hum Pathol., Jun 8 2011
Expression of nitric oxide synthases in primary ciliary dyskinesia.
Benign mesothelial cells as confounders when cytokeratin immunohistochemistry is used in sentinel lymph nodes.
Breast cancer multifocality, disease extent, and survival.
Parakeratosis in skin is associated with loss of inhibitor of differentiation 4 via promoter methylation.
Intraglomerular crescentic metastases of malignant melanoma.
Benign lymphoid hyperplasia (pseudolymphoma) of soft tissue.
PAX8 immunostaining of anaplastic thyroid carcinoma: a reliable means of discerning thyroid origin for undifferentiated tumors of the head and neck.
Endobronchial metastatic breast cancer with pagetoid histology mimicking bronchial pagetoid squamous cell carcinoma in situ.
Hum Pathol., Jun 7 2011
Critical regions and spreading of runt-related transcription factor-3 C-phosphate-G (CpG) island methylation in human salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinoma.
Low-grade fibromyxoid sarcoma of the perineum with heterotopic ossification: case report and review of the literature.
Hum Pathol., Jun 2 2011
Activation of the phosphatidylinositol 3'-kinase/AKT pathway in neuroblastoma and its regulation by thioredoxin 1.
Hum Pathol., Apr 14 2011
D2-40 immunoreactivity in penile squamous cell carcinoma: a marker of aggressiveness.
Hum Pathol., Apr 7 2011
Operative Link for Gastritis Assessment gastritis staging incorporates intestinal metaplasia subtyping.
Hum Pathol., Mar 18 2011
High-grade microsteatosis and delay in hepatic function after orthotopic liver transplantation.
Hum Pathol., Mar 9 2011
Liver pathology in Malawian children with fatal encephalopathy.
Mucinous cystadenocarcinoma of the testis: a case report.
Heterogeneous pattern of renal disease associated with homozygous Factor H deficiency.
Analysis of API2-MALT1 fusion, trisomies, and immunoglobulin VH genes in pulmonary mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma.
Hum Pathol., Feb 10 2011
Osteopontin expression in ovarian carcinoma effusions is related to improved clinical outcome.
Distinguishing features of endometrial pathology after exposure to the progesterone receptor modulator mifepristone.
Proliferative capacity of stem/progenitor-like cells in the kidney may associate with the outcome of patients with acute tubular necrosis.
Hum Pathol., Feb 1 2011
Expression of vitamin D receptor decreases during progression of pigmented skin lesions.
Residency choices by graduating medical students: why not pathology?
Hum Pathol., Jan 31 2011
Desquamating apoptotic variant of high-grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia: a possible precursor of intraductal prostatic carcinoma.
Hum Pathol., Jan 28 2011
Association of Merkel cell polyomavirus infection with morphologic differences in Merkel cell carcinoma.
Hum Pathol., Jan 14 2011
Methylation status of T-lymphoma invasion and metastasis 1 promoter and its overexpression in colorectal cancer.
Ductal adenocarcinoma of the prostate.
Hum Pathol., Jun 23 2011
S100P, von Hippel-Lindau gene product, and IMP3 serve as a useful immunohistochemical panel in the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma on endoscopic bile duct biopsy.
Hum Pathol., Jun 16 2011
Centrosome amplification as a putative prognostic biomarker for the classification of urothelial carcinomas.
Regenerating I messenger RNA and protein expression in the failing human testis: a potential molecular prognostic marker of seminoma.
Limited smoothelin expression within the muscularis mucosae: validation in bladder diverticula.
Multiple chromosomal monosomies are characteristic of giant cell ependymoma.
Prognostic significance of mitotic figures in metastatic mammary ductal carcinoma to the lymph nodes.
Low activated leukocyte cell adhesion molecule expression is associated with advanced tumor stage and early prostate-specific antigen relapse in prostate cancer.
Illumina whole-genome complementary DNA-mediated annealing, selection, extension and ligation platform: assessing its performance in formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples and identifying invasion pattern-related genes in oral squamous cell carcinoma.
Hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma: clinicopathologic, immunophenotypic, and molecular characterization of17 Chinese cases.
Epstein-Barr virus-positive T-cell lymphoma cells having chromosome 22q11.2 deletion: an autopsy report of DiGeorge syndrome.
Hum Pathol., Jun 13 2011
Genetic alterations and protein expression of HER2 and chromosome 17 polysomy in breast cancer.
Association between natural killer cells and regression in melanocytic lesions.
Oncocytic mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the parotid gland with CRTC1-MAML2 fusion transcript: report of a case with review of literature.
Correlation between genomic alterations assessed by array comparative genomic hybridization, prognostically informative histologic subtype, stage, and patient survival in gastric cancer.
Medulloepithelioma of the optic disc.
Immunohistochemical expression of prostate tumor overexpressed 1 in cystoprostatectomies with incidental and insignificant prostate cancer Further evidence for field effect in prostatic carcinogenesis.
Hum Pathol., Jun 8 2011
Anaplastic lymphoma kinase-positive anaplastic large cell lymphoma presenting as retroperitoneal fibrosis.
Frequency, phenotype, and genotype of minute gastrointestinal stromal tumors in the stomach: an autopsy study.
Hum Pathol., Jun 6 2011
α(1,6)Fucosyltransferase expression is an independent prognostic factor for disease-free survival in colorectal carcinoma.

Pathology Quote #6:

"Only those who regard healing as the ultimate goal of their efforts can, therefore, be designated as physicians."

- Rudolf Virchow

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