October 18, 2018, 12:14am
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CNN Top Stories

  • ">The Washington Post says the piece 'captures his commitment and passion for freedom in the Arab world'
  • ">Investigation closes in on Saudi crown prince's inner circle
  • ">Trump and Pompeo defend Saudi Arabia
  • ">Trump's Saudi defense leaves Sen. Sanders stunned
  • ">Kushner kept in background due to close ties with crown prince
  • ">Jeffrey Toobin: An embarrassment Kushner has any power
  • ">Don McGahn out as White House counsel, sources say
  • ">Analysis: Republicans' hypocrisy on the US deficit is stunning, even in Washington
  • ">Robert Mueller's quiet period hasn't been very quiet lately
  • ">Chris Cuomo slams Fox News host, GOP for pushing 'scare tactics'
  • ">Billionaire donating another $2 million to Democrat in Florida governor's race
  • ">Lindsey Graham's joke draws backlash
  • ">Analysis: Trump gets ready to throw Republicans under the bus
  • ">Ex-USA Gymnastics president arrested on charge of tampering with evidence
  • ">Her campaign mistakenly called them abuse survivors. Now they want answers.

    CNN World

  • ">Investigation closes in on Saudi Crown Prince's inner circle
  • ">Return to Rakhine: 'Genocide never happened in this country'
  • ">New satellite images suggest military buildup in Russia's strategic Baltic enclave
  • ">Teens among 18 killed in attack at Crimea college, Russia says
  • ">Japan's long-held global life expectancy reign is ending

    CNN Most Recent

  • ">Luang Prabang's newest luxury resort is a design fan's dream stay
  • ">Washington Post publishes 'last piece' by missing Saudi journalist Khashoggi
  • ">Teens among 18 killed in attack at Crimea college, Russia says
  • ">Why do we still know so little about Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance?
  • ">US flies B-52s near contested Islands amid China tensions

    CNN Most Popular
    1. Report: MH370 disappearance a criminal investigation, police chief says
    2. Ebola toll rises in 'unprecedented' outbreak
    3. Republicans hit a nerve when it comes to Obamacare
    4. Ukraine crisis: NATO suspends cooperation with Moscow
    5. Will Caesars impress with Las Vegas High Roller?
    6. 'How I Met Your Mother' ends a legendary run
    7. Unmanned drone crashes on South Korean border island
    8. Obamacare hits enrollment goal with 7.1 million sign-ups, President says
    9. Washington landslide death toll rises to 24; number of missing stands at 22
    10. Begala: I got a better deal through Obamacare

    CNN Health

  • ">Most burger chains fail on annual antibiotics report card
  • ">Spain to lead Japan in global life expectancy, US continues to to slide
  • ">First child in Florida has died of flu this season, state reports
  • ">Abuse of women in European parliaments widespread
  • ">Family makes last-minute plea to keep 9-year-old daughter on ventilator

    CNN Science

  • ">Mars Science Lab launch delayed two years
  • ">Shuttle lands at California air base
  • ">iReporters watch planets, moon align
  • ">Inspiration for 'Contact' still listening
  • ">Indian lunar orbiter hit by heat rise

    CNN Entertainment

  • ">'Kids Are Alright' creator shifts 'juice' from political to the personal
  • ">Roseanne Barr responds to 'The Conners' debut
  • ">Ariana Grande speaks post Pete Davidson split
  • ">Julia Louis-Dreyfus never considered departing 'Veep'
  • ">BET Hip Hop Awards 2018: The winners list

    CNN Most Bizarre

  • ">Gamers prove their metal as rock stars
  • ">Comedian is living in an Ikea store
  • ">Texas town hopes to become UFO landing spot
  • ">Governor's son sells 'Don't Drop the Soap'
  • ">Cops snag lotto ticket from accused drug dealer

    CNN Video

  • ">From 'Lyin' Ted,' to a Senate endorsement
  • ">Biden rallies crowd with tough talk on Trump
  • ">Attack in Crimea kills more than a dozen
  • ">Cuomo: Trump thinks he knows more than experts
  • ">Cuomo slams GOP for pushing 'scare tactics'